Inaugural Inspirational Session - Photography courtesy of Mark and Jenny Evans.

may 25 2018

Inaugural Inspirational Session

Minerva Stars Shine - Photography courtesy of Mark and Jenny Evans.

The inaugural Minerva Network workshop “Off the Field” was held on Friday 18th May 2018 to a room of 50 Minerva Stars, Minerva Founders, Mentors and Champions.  Key note speakers Paul Harragon Sport Celebrity, Stephanie Tully EM Group Brand & Marketing/CMO, Georgina Robinson Sports Writer Fairfax, Suzy Nicoletti CEO Twitter Australia, Brooke Kennewell and Louise Rottier Westpac, shared with the group their personal experiences and gave inspirational career advice to the group so they could learn and grow from these experiences.

The event was championed by Minerva Network Chairman and Co-Founder Christine McLoughlin and the success of the workshop was enabled by the incredible hospitality of EY, and the willingness of our experienced panellists to generously share their time and the ongoing support of Enigma.

Our Minerva Stars put to the test. - Photography courtesy of Mark and Jenny Evans.