The Minerva group gathered for a quick shot at Bankwest during half time. Photography by Emma Rothfield.

november 9 2019

Minerva Founders, Mentors and Stars celebrate a historic event at Bankwest Stadium.

A near perfect day as Minerva Founders, Mentors, Champions and Stars gathered to watch history be made once more for women’s football in Australia. The biggest crowd ever seen at a standalone ‘friendly’ game was achieved with a record-breaking 20,029 attendance enjoying the Matilda’s beat Chile 2-1 on a perfect spring afternoon. Just days after pay parity was achieved for the Socceroos and Matildas through a creative revenue-sharing system that could set a worldwide trend.  

Minerva Star, Ellie Carpenter, summed it up well by thanking the fans for turning out in force today to support them and making it a great event. Matilda’s will continue to build. 

Photography by Emma Rothfield.
Photography by Emma Rothfield.